Dev I.T. is focused on providing services and solutions laying special emphasis on the unique business needs of its corporate clients.  We innovate the day-to-day processes that support delivery of IT services.

These processes include:

  • Incident Management
    Managing the timely coordination, diagnosis, correction, and restoration of interrupted IT services

  • Problem Management
    Identify and permanently remove the root causes of actual and potential problems.

  • Change Management
    Maximize the business benefits of infrastructure change while reducing risk of making changes.

  • Configuration Management
    Establish control of critical IT configuration items.

  • Release Management
    Improve software release, distribution, and maintenance processes.

We enable organizations the ability to adaptively integrate best practices based on their specific maturity level and priorities by delivering on:

  • Availability
    Optimize and ensure the availability of IT services to support business objectives.
  • Capacity Management
    Optimize the capacity of IT resources and services in alignment with your business requirements.
  • IT Service Continuity
    Ensure the availability and rapid restoration of IT services in the event of a disaster.
  • Financial Regulation
    Provides a way to measure, control, and cover (even recover) costs to IT service.
  • Service Level Management
    Establish, to report on, and to maintain the delivery of agreed upon IT service levels to users.

Our Professional services related to our software products and sollutions include consulting, support and maintenance services. We believe that this level of professional service and customer support is key to ensuring our customers' success.

A dedicated teams of skilled associates provide services for specified project management. Our consultants help the clients define their projects. They work with them on such project issues as installation, deployment, design, implementation and customization to deliver the proposed solution.

Associates work at our clients' sites to help them with such things as system and infrastructure configuration, performance evaluation, and instructions on optimal use of the solution.